The CHADA Modular Planter is a modular planter for vertical wall gardens.  We designed the CHADA Planter to make it easy for you to create your own vertical garden.  You can start with one Planter or many.  Our planters easily hook together so you can arrange them into different sizes and layouts. With the CHADA Planter, you can enjoy gardening and have access to soothing natural beauty, regardless of your available space.  Customers love our CHADA Planters for indoor flower gardens as well as indoor vegetable and herb gardens.

Chada modular planter is available in four colors.Each CHADA Modular Planter is 12” wide, 6” deep and 12” length.  Our CHADA Modular Planters snap together and can readily be disassembled too. 




Each CHADA Modular Planter has a hole in the bottom so water from above can trickle down to the CHADA Modular Planters below.  For indoor use, we recommend a drip pan below your bottom row of planters.  Alternatively, you can seal your bottom row of CHADA Modular Planters with plastic, tape or silicon.


The CHADA Modular Planter is the winner of Thailand’s prestigious DE Design Excellence Award.  The CHADA Modular Planter’s designer is Poramats Varavarna, a renowned and innovative designer from, Thailand.